Jodhpur Jail: Sisters could not tie Rakhi in jail. Jodhpur Jail: Sisters could not tie rakhi in jail, brothers gave rakhi and sweets IG News

locationsjodhpurPublished: Aug 30, 2023 11:44:16 pm

– Jodhpur Central Jail


Jodhpur Jail: Sisters in jail could not tie Rakhi, but gave Rakhi and sweets to brothers, Jodhpur Jail: Sisters could not tie Rakhi, but gave Rakhi and sweets to brothers, Jodhpur Jail: Sisters could not tie Rakhi, but gave Rakhi and sweets to brothers.

The Corona epidemic and its sting has ended not only in the country but across the world, but the orders implemented in Jodhpur Central Jail regarding Corona and lockdown are still intact. This is the reason why women and girls could not tie Rakhi to the captive brothers on Wednesday on Raksha Bandhan. She could only meet the brothers and returned after sending them Rakhi and sweets. (Jodhpur Central Jail)
Rakhi and sweets were given to the captive brothers in the meeting room
On the occasion of Rakhi, women and girls started reaching the jail from morning to meet their jailed brothers. After waiting outside the jail, he was allowed to meet the prisoners and give them Rakhi and sweets. The women and girls reached the jail, where their belongings were searched thoroughly. After checking with the scanner machine, the sisters took Rakhi and sweets to the meeting room, where they were introduced to the brothers who were behind bars. Tears welled up in the eyes of the brothers and sisters. With a heavy heart the sisters gave Rakhi and sweets to the brothers and then returned.
It was a tradition to sweeten the mouth by tying rakhi
Till before Corona, on the occasion of Rakhi in the jail, separate arrangements were made to meet the sisters with the captive brothers. Sisters used to tie rakhi to their brothers amidst security in the jail premises itself and used to sweeten their mouths. After talking about happiness and sorrow for some time, the sisters and other relatives used to return.
Order was issued in lock down to prevent infection
During Kovid-19, infection also started happening in jails. Despite quarantining the new prisoners, the prisoners in the jails started suffering from Corona. Then, to prevent the spread of infection, inmates and prisoners in jails were banned from meeting their family members. At the same time, the sisters coming for Rakhi were also stopped from tying Rakhi. After the end of Corona, the ban on meeting prisoners was lifted, but there is still a ban on meeting prisoners and tying Rakhi on Rakhi.
‘During Corona, prisoners were banned from meeting their sisters. The prisoners have been introduced to their sisters in the jail. After meeting in the meeting room, Rakhi and sweets were sent to the concerned prisoner.
Rajpal Singh, Jail Superintendent Jodhpur Central Jail.