Johnson: Ukraine wouldn’t have started the war if Putin was a woman IG News

Boris Johnson has said Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have started a “crazy, manly” war in Ukraine if he were a woman.

The prime minister also said that the G7 leader wanted to “resolutely” end the war in Ukraine, but that “no deal is available”.

Speaking after the G7 summit in Bavaria, Mr Johnson told German broadcaster ZDF: “If Putin were a woman, which she clearly would not be, but if she was, I don’t think she would be a crazy, manly man.” would join in the way he has a war of aggression and violence.

“If you want a perfect example of toxic masculinity, that’s what he’s doing in Ukraine”.

He commented saying that “you need more women in positions of power”.

Mr Johnson also said the G7 meeting had been “incredible” as the leaders “drawn closer and closer”.

“The argument is that yes, of course people want the war to end, they desperately want the war to end, but there is no deal available.

“Putin is not offering a deal, (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky cannot offer a deal”.

The prime minister said the West should support Kyiv in its military strategy to help change the dynamics of the conflict, and called on Mr Zelensky to “get into the best possible position to negotiate as and when the talks finally arrive”. .

“We really want to give the Ukrainians strategic endurance,” he said.