Jordan withdraws ‘Princess’ from Oscar nominations

Jordan withdraws ‘Princess’ from Oscar nominations

Today, Thursday, the Royal Film Commission of Jordan decided to withdraw the nomination of the movie “Princess” from the competition for the Oscar for Best International Film, which is reserved for films produced outside the United States.

The film, starring Jordanian Saba Mubarak and Palestinian Ali Suleiman, directed by Egyptian Mohamed Diab, deals with the story of a Palestinian girl who was born by insemination from smuggled sperm to her father who is in Israeli prisons, but when trying to repeat the experience, the doctors discover a surprise that shakes the life of the girl and her family.

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The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September, and its director received two awards for his work before he began his tour of Arab festivals, which included the El Gouna Film Festival and the Carthage Film Days in Tunisia. The vernacular expression of smuggled sperm children.

The Royal Film Commission of Jordan said in a statement, “We appreciate the artistic value of the film and believe that it does not in any way affect the Palestinian cause or the issue of the prisoners, but on the contrary, it highlights their plight and their resistance… This was the opinion of the members of the independent selection committee that was formed and chose the film from Ben other films to represent the Kingdom.”

“But in light of the great controversy raised by the film and its interpretation by some that it affects the Palestinian cause and out of respect for the feelings of the prisoners and their families, the Royal Film Commission decided to refrain from presenting a ‘princess’ to represent Jordan in the Oscars.”

The decision came days before the US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the preliminary list of films accepted into the international film category on December 21.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the film’s family issued a statement saying, “It was fully understood by the film’s family, the sensitivity of the issue of sperm smuggling and the sanctity of the children of freedom, and that is why the decision was to declare that the story of the film is fictional and cannot happen.”

The statement continued, “The film’s family understands the anger experienced by many over what they consider to be abuse of the prisoners and their families, and it is a national anger that we understand, but we hoped that the film would be watched before being judged for a transfer or fragmentation.”

The shortlist for the films competing in the Best International Film category at the Oscars will be announced on February 8, 2022, while the announcement and award ceremony will take place on March 27.

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