JP Hospital premises became a den of anti-social elements. This is not a bar, it is a parking lot in front of Gyani Block… where people are gambling during the day. IG News

BhopalOne hour agoAuthor: Vivek Rajput

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There are wine bottles on the table, wine in glasses, beer cans and snacks in bags. Not only this, the youth present nearby also have beer bottles and cans in their hands. The youth sometimes laugh and sometimes abuse each other. This scene is not of any bar, but of Jaypee Hospital complex.

The influence of these anti-social elements can be understood from the fact that in the afternoon, their gathering gathers right in front of the Gynecology Block of the hospital. From where the Civil Surgeon office is barely 20 steps away. Despite this, the hospital management is unaware of this. These anti-social elements regularly misbehave with female patients, family members of patients and even female hospital staff.

When the hospital staff was inquired about them, it was found that some of these boys live in the staff quarter, some in the locality behind the hospital, and some are auto drivers. They gather here for a long time. If someone says something, they become intent on fighting. Recently, he also misbehaved with a female employee. This is the reason why no one messes with them.

Live: Bottle in hand, bet on the mare

Location: Two Wheeler Parking

Time: 4:25 pm

There is two-wheeler parking in the front part of Gyani Block. Here a platform has been built around the shed and trees. Eight boys are present here, three have beer bottles and cans in their hands. Two boys are sitting on the platform. One has 100-500 notes and some coins in his hand, he is betting on gambling. A boy is sitting at the table. The wine and tasting are set on the same table. Another boy is sitting on a chair nearby. The rest are present nearby. During the conversation, everyone is not only abusing each other but also using extremely obscene words. People passing by on the road are passing by looking at them.

The spirits are so high…

There is no fear of police and guards – this is the situation when police staff is present all the time in the police post of the hospital premises. Apart from this, security guards have also been deployed here by the hospital management for security. But, the fear of anti-social elements is so much that no one stops them.

Strictest action will be taken…

How can one drink alcohol in the hospital premises? This is extremely objectionable. We will complain to the police and take the strictest action against them.
-Dr. Rakesh Srivastava, Civil Surgeon, Jaypee Hospital