June 24, 2022: Morning Digest: A homecoming ceremony; Death of man standing in queue: Morning News – News18 Kannada

Homecoming Ceremony The house is not simply said to be a new house. Building a house of your own is as much a people’s dream or penance. Gruhapravesh Function Day is waiting for a happy sigh of relief. Excitement in the new home should be lost. But the situation of the house should look like Dandale, upset. The people who bought the house in this way were auspicious. On June 23, Lokesh was making his home debut at Kalkare Chennasandra in Bangalore. The Transgenders Group made an uproar for money in the morning, worshiping a new home.

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The bus driver’s son is now an IPS officer

Recently UPSC results have come out. Many candidates pass the UPSC Exam with their hard work. There is also a story behind one of the pros (Inspiring Stories). There is no doubt that it inspires many. Here, too, we are introducing the brightly shined talent amidst similar hardships. His name is Anurag Daru. Raised in Bhalki in the Bidar district of North Karnataka, she went to the UPSC Civil Service Examination to wear an IPS hat. Thereby, the family disappeared among the people of Huttur. After earning a rank of 569 in the UPSC Civil Service Examination, Anurag Daru is gearing up to become an IPS.

The man standing in the queue was death

Amidst economic problems in Sri Lanka, the problem of fuel shortage is worsening. A man who had been waiting in a queue for 5 days in front of a Sri Lankan bunk has died. A 63-year-old truck driver in Sri Lanka has been found dead at a filling station in the country’s western province for five days. The 10th death was reported as they waited a long time to refuel. The island nation that is in a debt swirl is facing the worst financial crisis since its independence.

Today’s gold rate

The price of gold in the Indian market has returned to its normal level of Rs 20 per gram today. Has risen. The price of one gram of jewelery is Rs. 4,745, which today rose to Rs 4,765. There has been a slight fluctuation in the gold rate over the past few years, mainly due to market-related phenomena in the international market, as well as the rise in crude oil prices and other global factors.

Chitradurga Lost in PU Result!

The recent PUC Result in the recently concluded PUC Result, the last place in the district of Chitradurga, Kottenadu, has raised concerns among the district representatives. The reason for this is the introspective meeting of the Principal of KS Naveen College of Education on the other side. KS Naveen PU, Member of the Methodist Council at District Panchayat Hall An introspective meeting of the College Principals will be held next year at P.U. He has pondered on the outcome improvement guidelines.

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