Kakinada: There are no Navagraha idols but worship is to be done. Priest Treat 9 Trees as navagrahas in Kakinada district Telugu News IG News

If there is a mind… there is a way… If there is thought, miracles can be created, says Shiva temple priest Kasubabu Sharma. Kakinada District, Tallarevu Mandal Shiva Temple has an innovative experiment as an alternative to Navagraha idols. What experiment…?

Kasubabu Sharma started an innovative experiment by installing Navavrikshas instead of Navagraha idols in Sri Kashi Annapurneswari Sameta Visvesvaraswamy Temple located between Pillanka and K.Gangavaram Mandal Brahmapuri villages in Kakinada District Tallarevu Mandal and K. Gangavaram Mandal.

But as there are no Navagraha idols in this Shiva temple… the Vedic scholar of the temple Kasubabu installed Navavrikshas which are symbols of love for the Navagrahas and felt aura. Special pooja was done to the Navavrikshas. It is said that if you circumambulate around the nava trees in this temple, Shani doshas will be removed and also if you circumambulate these deity trees, you will get good health.

He said that according to the desire of the people to see Navagraha in the form of a tree, the Navavrikshas were installed in the temple after spending a lot of effort. It is said that this is the first time that Navagraha has trees instead of idol forms.

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