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While traveling in Egypt If not taking a Nile cruise Haven’t been to Egypt yet. Three prominent places in Cairo include Egypt’s Ihram; Cairo Museum and the Nile In Egypt there were both dark beauties and beauties who shone like a crescent moon. Half of Egypt is in Asia. and half are in Africa. African men only fall in love with black-faced men. I think there’s a black-faced girl in heaven. African men should not be angry.. whenever I got the chance to go to Egypt with a free ticket from WHO and free pocket money. The first thing I did was go to the museum on the banks of the Nile to greet the pharaoh once and for all. The ticket was one thousand five hundred rupees, so to this day. The Buddha had nine thousand rupees. One half was a coin of four thousand five hundred rupees. He took it out of my bag. For such a price People in the past used to have one or two weddings. Not for your own child Here the Pharaoh also showed an ugly expression at this price. Now the skin has become compulsory as well. Even today This evil person also needs to undergo regular physical examinations. When his health deteriorated He was also taken to Paris for treatment. And there he was officially welcomed. Twenty-one salute guns were regularly offered to the emperor. Maybe even living pharaohs weren’t so amused. Are you thinking of claiming divinity? It is like the pharaohs found in our country who tried to look youthful even at the age of seventy years. The amount of blood flowing to the brain decreases. His memory is so short that he can’t even remember his late wife’s name. But the president, prime minister or ordinary minister Intending to destroy the next world in order to become a mentor, what about us? They will suffer on their own after being hanged, killed, banished, or forced to sit on powerless chairs after their banishment. If rejected, the same unfortunate NAB case will occur.
Yes, I said that after greeting Pharaoh’s mother. I sit on the bank of the Nile. I don’t know why I dreamed such a beautiful dream while sitting on the banks of the Nile. The land of Hussain and Hussain such as Yusuf and Sulikha I have always been fascinated by oriental beauty. Man is also original Beauty is also original and love is also pure. Western beauty has become disgusted, where ‘nose’ and ears are often artificially created due to plastic surgery. and where love life is often limited From hours and days to a few months. There are expensive and cheap Nile cruises. An unknown drink that almost every tourist is fed. When the money in your pocket starts to get lighter I started following a better formula for cheap entertainment. Because the World Health Organization doesn’t pay for dentistry and love. Holding a glass of drink for the first time at the Nile, it suddenly dawned on me that this drink might not have been prepared according to hygiene rules. When I excused myself from drinking The boatman warns that you must drink this drink because it is our culture and it is disrespectful to us. It’s very difficult to escape now, Alhamdulillah. When he saw that drink I blew two or four political fumes into the air. I have a sore throat. Another benefit of this political cough is that the passenger sitting next to me stood up and it mattered. And finally I sat halfway with my legs spread apart. and the other half lay down in an empty seat. I don’t like it to this day. It is written in history books that even Ghazi people drink alcohol for free. I have some doubts about this. Because one day the watchman was happy. The next day the thief And on the third day they broke the law with each other. Watching a dance over dinner was when I first received good news. I carefully sought advice from the Saudi and Yemeni doctors in my group. So they unanimously gave a fatwa that we are guests of the World Health Organization. We won’t be hungry anymore. Inma’ul Amalbalaniyat. We went with the intention of eating, however, the fifty percent solution is to take a prayer bath after Maghrib prayers. and go with the intention of eating And because the first look at a woman is not a sin. Only a second look Casting is a sin So take a first look so long that you can’t take a second look. I put these helpful tips in my lap. and after the Maghrib prayer I made it a habit to hold the tasbeeh in my hand. But the Yemeni doctor took the tasbeeh from my hand and said, “Fear God We won’t go to the mosque. But for the club.” A little problem still exists in the middle of eating food and watching dances, both Nafs and Shaytan are fighting with each other. It is also a sin. especially someone’s beauty May Allah protect us from this sin.

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