Kangana Ranaut says people don’t work with her for fear of boycott, calls Arjun Rampal a ‘rare case’ IG News

Kangana Ranaut says people don’t work with her for fear of boycott, calls Arjun Rampal a ‘rare case’

Kangana Ranaut is all set for the release of Dhaakad in less than 7 days. The actress will be sharing the screen with Arjun Rampal, who plays the antagonist. In a recent interview, Kangana has revealed that most people are scared to work with her as she gets a chance to be boycotted by certain groups. He also said that Arjun Rampal was one of the ‘rare cases’.

Talking to RJ Siddhartha Kannan, “Arjun is a rare case who wants to work with me (who wanted to work with me). Otherwise casting is a big problem for me, for my films.” He said that many people have claimed that they fear boycott if they work with him and added, “He himself says that we will boycott there (they themselves say that they are boycotted). It is a challenge at every level.”

She also added that Arjun Rampal is strong and added, “Arjun seemed like he had gone beyond caring. He said, ‘I don’t care about all this. I am also self-proclaimed. I know she is making a film and if we get along as friends, that’s good, but as professionals, we have to be together. If there’s a friendship that blossoms from it, that’s a bonus”.

She also said that both she and Arjun had suggested a change in each other’s character and said, “It’s not because of some love for me, or some kind of big heart, no. This is because he is someone who only understands cinema.”

In Dhaakad, Kangana Ranaut will be seen in a never-before-seen avatar where she will do hard core action. Directed by Rajneesh Razi Ghai, the film had handpicked some of the best action choreographers from across the world. The film will hit the screens on May 20, and will clash with Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 starring Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani. Dhaakad will also star Shashwat Chatterjee and Divya Dutta.

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