Kanjhawala Case II | Noida: Kanjhawala-like incident happened again, ‘car driver’ dragged the delivery boy for 500 meters, died painfully IG News

Pic: Social Media

new Delhi, According to a sensational news received from Uttar Pradesh, a case similar to Delhi’s Kanjhawala case has come to the fore in Noida here. In fact, the car first hit a delivery boy and then dragged him on the road for 500 meters. The delivery boy died in this tragic accident. The above incident happened on the night of December 31, when a food delivery boy named ‘Kush’ was standing near the flyover in Sector 14 of Noida. Then an unnamed car hit him.

After this collision, the car driver went some distance and stopped near a temple. He sees Kushal’s body stuck in the car. The driver then fled leaving the car. However, by then the car driver had dragged Kushal for about 500 metres. Here Kushal’s brother called him at around 1 am. Then the passenger passing by received the phone and informed about the said incident. Now the police is trying to find this accused through CCTV footage.

Be aware that earlier a similar case had come to light in Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi. Where on the night of December 31, three drunken car riders hit three students going home from the market. In which a student died. On the other hand, on the night of New Year, a dead body of a girl was found in Delhi’s Kanjhawal, which was dragged for about 12 km after being hit by a car. The girl had lost her life in this painful incident. Along with this, his entire body was also found in badly mutilated condition. Many videos related to this brutal incident had also come to the fore, in which even the clothes had disappeared from the body of the deceased.


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