Kapil Sharma to play lead role in Nandita Das’s ‘Jwigato’ IG News

Nandita Das, an Indian actress and film producer, has unveiled the trailer of her new film “Zwigato”, starring popular comedian Kapil Sharma in the lead role.

Speaking at the film’s trailer premiere, Kapil Sharma claimed that Nandita Das had told him that even if Shah Rukh Khan had expressed interest in the project, she would have preferred the famous comic as the film needed a familiar face. .

The story of a food delivery boy is told in Zwigato. According to Kapil, when he reached Mumbai, he was looking for a job in the entertainment industry as well as a foreign beverage firm. Trucks carried the company’s beverages, and there was no mobile application at the time. “I realized that my story was somewhat similar to the plot of this film when Nandita Das pitched it to me,” he continued.

Nandita replied, “Even if global icon Shah Rukh Khan had agreed to the film, I would not have taken him and cast you because you have a normal appearance which is not visible anywhere in public.” Kapil claimed that he was surprised as to why the director chose him for the role.


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