Kashmir traders urge government to announce financial package for business community IG News

Srinagar: The Kashmir Traders Alliance (KTA) has high hopes from the upcoming budget and has urged the government to provide a special financial package for the trading community to help them weather the post-COVID business slump.

KTA President Ejaz Shahdhar said in a statement that there is a slowdown in the market and traders are finding it difficult to make ends meet. There is a need for financial flows into the markets as the post-Covid economic environment in Kashmir is yet to recover.

“We have high hopes from the upcoming J&K budget because after COVID the business community is facing a lot of problems, there is a need to infuse capital into the market, as low sales businessmen are finding it difficult to repay their loans, Ejaz Shahdhar said.

He said that the business community of Kashmir has been facing huge losses for the last three decades and it is high time that the Government of India should provide a special comprehensive package to revive the businesses in the valley. KTA has urged Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to take into account the situation of the business community of Kashmir before finalizing the Budget 2023-24 for J&K.


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