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Mlc Kalvakuntla Kavitha: Sukesh Chandrasekhar, who is currently in Tihar Jail, is releasing a series of letters. Sukesh Delhi CM Kejriwal is sending out letters with his lawyer as target of BRS party in money laundering case in Delhi Liquor Scam. Sukesh, who first released the letters targeting Kejriwal, recently released screenshots of the letter targeting BRS and MLC Kavitha along with the chat with Kavita. Sukesh’s chat with the number Kavithakka..TRS is causing a stir. He said that he chatted in code language with the names Ap, Sj, Ak, Sister. Sukesh stated that he said in code language that he had delivered 15 kg of ghee. The Liquor Scam case became a sensation when Sukesh released the entire 6-page letter along with screenshots of his chat with Kavitha.

Recently, CM KCR’s daughter and BRS MLC Kavitha reacted on meeting and chatting with Sukesh. BRS party is being deliberately spread misinformation. Kavitha said that she has no contact with Sukesh. He is attacking her only to face KCR. Kavitha said that they are spreading false propaganda against her with fake chats…they are trying to defame her family. Sukesh’s lawyer gave a strong counter to Kavita’s reply. Lawyer Ananth Malik stated that Kavita’s reaction to the facts raised by her client Sukesh Chandrasekhar was like a child’s statement. Instead of welcoming a fair investigation in this matter, it is clear that Kavita is trying to evade the investigation. He said that any fair, experienced and honest political leader would welcome an inquiry into the matter so that the truth would come out.

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It is said that Sukesh has provided several digital evidences to support his claims. He has also attached a statement under Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act. “Kavitha’s reply…it seems like she is playing hide and seek from the agencies. With the reply given by Kavitha…she has shown her eloquence. Kavita’s response is like a blame game on the media and political parties. My client will provide a detailed response on this within this week,” Ananth Malik countered.

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Sukesh released the 700-page letter that he chatted with Delhi CM Kejriwal on WhatsApp and Telegram. In it, CM Kejriwal stated that he had given Rs.75 crore to a person named AK at Hyderabad BRS office. According to Kejriwal’s orders, he gave the money to a person named AK in a Range Rover car at the BRS office in Hyderabad. In the letter, Sukesh mentioned that the Range Rover car number is 6060. But a few days after the release of Sukesh Kejriwal’s chat, the release of screenshots of the chat along with Sukesh’s letter claiming to be a chat with MLC Kavitha created a stir.

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