KC Valley project in Kolar chemical mixed water pipes fishes die in lake IG News

KC Valley project in Kolar chemical mixed water pipes fishes die in lake

Kolar (May 18): The pipeline to Kolar, after being treated in two phases of the Polluted Water in Bengaluru’s Laxmisagar Lake in Kolar by the KC Valley Project, is a boon for the district. The line is being drained to the Lakshmisagar Lake. But recently a large amount of chemical foam has been found in the water, and now the fish in the lake have died. The public has once again expressed outrage over the KC Valley project, which cost Rs 1400 crore.

The death of fish

Laxmi marine lake is a fisherman’s death. Villagers are worried that small quantities of fish have died. Krishna, senior officer of the small irrigation department, KC Valley project, said the water quality test was conducted by a team of experts from the Indian Science Foundation to inform the public about water quality.

Inspection by authorities

Officials of the Environmental Pollution Control Board visited the site, collected a water sample and sent it to the lab near D&C point of Lake Laxmisagar.

Processed water is of quality – information from a team of experts

Experts have reported that Bangalore’s sewage is treated in two phases of water, and according to expert standards, the treated water in the T, D, S, D, O, and P and H sectors is of high quality. The K&C Valley said it was superficially aware that water was not the cause.

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Shashi Kumar, junior engineer of the K&C Valley Project, who was speaking on the occasion, clarified that the treatment of water is no problem for the livelihoods of treated water.

Groundwater Level

Together with the KC Valley project, the water level in the surrounding areas of the lake is improving due to the continuous flow of water to the pools, but the small irrigation department has ordered not to use the water directly.

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Meanwhile, the irrigation campaigners and farmer leaders of the district have urged the irrigation workers and farmer leaders to clean up the third stage of the irrigation project.

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