‘Kest’s daughter Sukanya used to look after all the business’, claims ED in court in bail case IG News

New Delhi: On Friday, Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court was hearing the bail case of Anubrata’s daughter Sukanya Mondal, who was arrested in the cow smuggling case. After the hearing yesterday, the court said that the verdict will be on June 1. CBI Special Court Judge Raghuveer Singh reserved judgment in the case.

The ED informed the court that Anuvrata accountant Manish Kothari said in his statement that Sukanya used to look after all the business. At the same time he would give him instructions. On this side, Sukanya’s lawyers told the court that although the close relatives of Satish Kumar, the main accused in the cow smuggling case, were accused, they were not arrested. Money was also recovered from their accounts. But Sukanya is not accused in this case.

Incidentally, BSF officer Satish Kumar, one of the accused in the cow smuggling case, was arrested. Sukanya’s lawyer said that Satish’s wife and other relatives are named as accused in the charge sheet. 12 crores deposited in Satish’s wife’s bank account was also found. Their property has also been attached Why was Sukanya Mandal arrested without arresting the main accused Enamul Haque in the cow smuggling case despite the evidence of direct contact of Satish’s wife? The ED’s counsel, on the other hand, claims that the ED has the full right to decide which accused will be arrested. Sukanya Mandal is an educated woman It is not credible that he signed the paper without knowing anything Sukunya is also an adult. Moreover, Sukanya does not have any illness which cannot be treated in Tihar Jail Hospital

ED has brought forward influential theories about Kest Kanya several times before. He has also been accused of embezzling Rs. Sukanya is the owner of huge property. Worked in government service. Investigators also found several properties. Although Sukanya has repeatedly claimed, she knows nothing about it.