KG Bopaiah Slams Karnataka Former CM Siddaramaiah for Objecting Gun Training in Kodagu IG News

KG Bopaiah Slams Karnataka Former CM Siddaramaiah for Objecting Gun Training in Kodagu

Kodagu (May 18): Gun rights are our birthright. Virajapeta MLA KG Bopaiah outraged him as Siddaramaiah for asking for it. Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah, who opposed opposition to the Bajrang Dal and gun training in Ponnampete, has been singularly attacked by Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah.

Speaking at Madikeri, he asked Siddaramaiah to speak for a class. In Ji village, KG village, the Dalit legislator in the uproar did not come into the house and set fire to the house.

There is no need to make claims about the Constitution

We are not required to make a claim on the law and the Constitution. Is it legal at all for lawmakers not to participate in RSS camps? He asked.

It is my duty to visit during our weekly program. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal practice each year. In that case the trident is given. That was all the training was done at Kodagu this year. He said no.

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The history of Siddaramaiah is well known. Her daily routine begins with the idea of ​​how to marginalize minorities. Siddaramaiah does not need to tell us about the commitment of the Constitution. “When the police station was attacked in Hubli, you did not remember the constitution,” he said.

Must be read properly before the Constitution

Siddaramaiah should be read properly before the Constitution. No license is required to use an air gun. And what is the situation like today, we need guns for our self defense. Practiced at school Yes, it is practiced while on vacation at school. But it is a private school. Siddaramaiah’s mouth is not as good as it sounds. Tong gave us a talk. Has practiced the protection of Hindu society? There is no law violation anywhere. However, the PFI said that if they do not comment on the street, they will not give any counter.

The SDPI and PFI demanded that the deadly organizations should ban their country. The PFI has filed a complaint against us at the police station. Not all of this cares. I have the strength to face all that.

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The SDPI, on the other hand, has condemned the conduct of the Kodagu District Committee training camp. What is the purpose of gun use? Usman Suntikoppa, leader of the Madikeri assembly constituency of the SDPI, has expressed his dismay over whether he would be given an AK-47 rifle to train at Argen today.

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