Khakrub set an example of duty IG News

Karachi: Khakrub of Civil Aviation has set an example of duty, handed over the cash and jewelery received from the airport to the concerned authorities.

In this regard, the CAA spokesman says that the CAA Sanitation worker dutifully handed over the cash and jewelery found at the airport to the authorities.

According to the spokesperson, this demonstration of duty was done by Ajlal Masih at Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport. After arriving from Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, Ajlal found a wallet and two rings near the customs counter early in the morning.

Ajlal Masih immediately handed over these valuable items to Supervisor Amin, after which Supervisor Amin handed over these items to the airport authorities at the counter.

The CAA spokesperson said that later the said wallet was opened in the presence of Duty Terminal Manager, Duty Facilitation Officer and Duty Vigilance Officer and ASF personnel.

There were 8050 Saudi Riyals in the wallet, which is equivalent to five hundred and eighty eight thousand Pakistani Rupees. Everyone appreciated the honesty of Ajlal Masih in the airport manager’s office.

Spokesperson Civil Aviation says that these valuables and money were handed over to the Airport Manager’s office after contacting their rightful owner.