Khalistan sympathizer Amrit Pal Singh arrested after 100 car chase in movie style IG News

Amritpal Singh Arrested: There is high tension in Punjab. Amritpal Singh, a self-proclaimed extremist Sikh preacher and leader of the suspected pro-Khalistan organization “Waris Punjab D”, has been arrested by the police. Police arrested Amritpal Singh and six others near Nakodar in Jalandhar on Saturday. Before the arrest, hydra was going on in the state. Amrit Pal Singh was chased in 100 vehicles and taken into custody. District borders were closed everywhere. Staff at check posts and toll gates have been alerted. The chase went on for several hours. Finally he was arrested near Jallupur Khera village. Six of his supporters were also detained by the police.

With the news that Amritpal Singh was arrested and moved to a secret place, the separatists in Punjab started a big agitation. The police are also heavily deployed and dispersed. In this context, the Punjab Home Department has announced that mobile internet services and MSS services will be suspended in Punjab from Saturday to Sunday 12 noon for public safety.

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What actually happened

In February this year, Punjab Police arrested a man named Love Preet Singh alias Toofan Singh in a kidnapping case. Lovepreet Singh is a close associate of Amrit Pal, a supporter of the Khalistan separatist movement. After the arrest of his friend, Amrit Pal Singh entered the field. Following the call given by Amrit Pal, on February 24, his supporters attacked the Ajnala Police Station together. On this occasion, as the agitators created a terrible situation, the police could not do anything and left Love Preet Singh. However, the mastermind behind this, Amrit Pal Singh, was arrested today in Cine Fakky.

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