Kida fighting competition at the temple festival.. People were excited! IG News

The Goat Kitai Fighting Competition held at a temple festival near Andhra Pradesh was eagerly watched and enjoyed by the public.

The Vallampadevi temple festival in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh was held yesterday. Every year during this temple festival, Kitai fighting competition is held.

In that way, the villagers decided that this year’s competition should be held in an elaborate manner and announced that the winners of the competition will be given Rs 20,000 to Rs 5,000 each. Then yesterday, the Gidai fight broke out.

Their owners had brought 16 rams that were trained and raised to participate in the competition. At this stage, the ram fighting competition was held for 5 rounds amidst the cheers of the audience. The winners of the competition were given prizes as already announced.

A large number of people watched and enjoyed the ram fighting competition. A large herd of goats brought from Kalludevarakonda village to participate in the competition caught everyone’s attention. The kitai won all the rounds and bought the first prize of 20 thousand rupees to its owner.

Correspondent: Pushparaj, Tirupati.

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