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The longest-lived heir in British history, King Charles officially became the new monarch of the United Kingdom when his mother, the Queen, died on 8 September 2022.

Charles was succeeded only at the age of three when the Queen ascended the throne in February 1952. Following the death of the Queen, he has become the oldest person to take the British throne at the age of 73.

Although he is already king and has begun his royal duties, his official accession to the throne – the coronation – will be an important symbolic moment in his reign and for the country for which he is now head of state.

When will the coronation take place?

After the death of the Queen, the crown immediately passed to her successor, Charles, the former Prince of Wales. This means that Charles officially became king after the death of the late queen.

The Daily Telegraph said it is customary to “wait until there is a sufficient time period of mourning” before crowning new sovereigns. In Charles’ case, the coronation is likely to take place “in the spring or summer of next year”, the paper said, although no official date has been set.

The late Queen had her coronation on 6 February 1952 followed by her coronation on 2 June 1953, almost 16 months after she became emperor.

Where will it be?

From the days of William the Conqueror – some 900 years ago – all monarchs except two were coronated at Westminster Abbey.

The abbey’s website explains two exceptions: “Edward V was assassinated in the Tower of London before being crowned and Edward VIII abdicated 11 months after his father was succeeded, so never crowned.” did not went.”

What will happen during this?

According to the news site, the ceremony has been a “year in the planning” under the codename of “Operation Golden Orb”. Like all coronations, it will be a “deeply religious affair”, but is also expected to be “more inclusive of multi-faith Britain than previous coronations” while being an Anglican service.

The Independent said it was also likely to be a “slimmed-down” coronation, with King Charles “desiring to avoid extravagance while ordinary people struggle with the cost of living crisis”. The new emperor is said to have been eager to “demonstrate his understanding of the problems faced by ordinary members of the public” by holding a “relatively modest ceremony”.

The coronation itself would include many of the ceremonial details experienced by Queen Elizabeth II, including the coronation oath, which is required by law, as well as “anointing with anointed oil, the delivery of the orb, and the enthronement of herself”.

And as late as at the time of the Queen’s coronation, the king would be crowned with the St. Edward’s Crown, which is made of “solid gold” and “contains more than 400 gemstones, including rubies, garnets and sapphires,” the The Telegraph said.

But it would be a much smaller affair than the 1953 coronation of the Queen. Then, more than 8,000 guests from 129 countries traveled to Westminster Abbey to see the Queen crowned. This time only 2,000 guests will see Charles officially “adjusting health and safety restrictions”, the newspaper said.

Commonwealth leaders may also be told that they do not need to be present to cut the number of planes flying to London for the ceremony, with the king expecting a “low-carbon” coronation, according to a report in the same paper. . ,

How much will it cost?

With a smaller, smaller and less extravagant ceremony planned, King Charles’s coronation is likely to cost less than the late Queen’s coronation, which according to Sky News cost “£1.57m – the equivalent of £46m today”.

Since the coronation is a state occasion, “the government pays for it, and the guest list chooses”, notes The Guardian. On the other hand, royal weddings are largely paid for by the royal family.

How can I watch the coronation?

TimeOut said the Queen’s own coronation was broadcast to an estimated 20 million people, marking the “first time cameras were placed inside Westminster Abbey” at the ceremony.

Although there are few details about the coronation of King Charles, “there is no doubt that it will be broadcast live around the world”, the magazine said.

Will there be a bank holiday?

According to Eye News, the coronation is “very likely” to be declared a bank holiday, as was the Queen’s state funeral, and as is usually the case for major royal events such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last year.


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