Knowledgeable participation of women directors is necessary to enhance the image of cooperative banks: Vidyadhar Anaskar IG News

Considering the need to instill public confidence in the urban cooperative banking sector at present, women directors of this sector should accept this challenge and continue to work. Also, senior banking expert Vidhyadhar Anaskar said that if this participatory knowledge is there, they will automatically get a leadership role and lead to the goal of image protection.

He was addressing the women directors present at the State Level Women Directors One Day Workshop organized by Maharashtra Urban Co-op.Banks Federation Limited, Mumbai on September 17, 2022, at Vashi.

The reserve provision of two women directors in the Co-operative Act and thus the position of women on the board of directors of an urban co-operative bank, without limiting this participation, also requires women to be elected to contribute effectively to the work of the board of directors. From the open category for. He stressed that if women get an in-depth knowledge of the bye-laws and their requirements then their participation would be enlightened. Due to this, in future the post of female director should be made a seat of legal responsibility instead of a decorative post, he expressed hope while inaugurating this workshop.

Then, in the first three-hour session, Anaskar made a presentation on the basic principles of cooperatives, importance of cooperative banking in the financial system, essentials for an effective decision-making process, etc. in the context of the Supreme Court judgment.

In the second session, Mrs. Bhagyalata Kaushik, Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank, gave guidance on the structure of urban banks, their features, role of TAFCB, recent amendments in the Banking Regulation Act, role and functions of directors. Reserve Bank’s requirements from the Board of Directors etc.

Mrs. Sayli Bhoir, Chief Executive and Secretary, Maharashtra Urban Co-operative Banks Federation Ltd. She planned and executed the above program with complete organization and instructions. On this occasion Smt. Shashitai Ahire, Director of Federation, Smt. Shobhatai Sawant and Director of Udyam Bank, Smt. Leenatai Anaskar and dignitaries lit the lamp. More than 100 women directors have registered their participation in this workshop.

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