Kodagu School Premises creates controversy in Trishul given to students IG News

Kodagu School Premises creates controversy in Trishul given to students

Kodagu (May 17): It was imposed by the government, which refused to attend school wearing the hijab. However, the provincial bravery of the Karnataka South Karnataka in Bajranganj has caused considerable controversy within the school building. The Prashiksha class has been held at Sri Sai Sankara School, Ponnampete, Kodagu from May 5 to 11. The controversy is that in this case training is the training of the trident and the shoot with the guns. Photos of the train using the trident and guns were tagged to the Minister of Education BC Nagesh and DGP by tweeted by SPSI State Secretary Afsar Kodlipate.

If you do not want to go to school wearing a hijab, you have tagged the Sri Sai Sankara school, which has allowed you to use arms illegally. Afsar responded by training them in the Kodlipete district illegally using arms.

It is a work of terrorism and demands that the case be filed under the Anti-Terrorism Act against the concerned school. District legislators Appachu Ranjan and MLC Suja Kushalappa visited the training program.

Why give a trident?

What is the law and order in the district and the state? VHP Kodagu District President Krishnamurthy, who has been accused of SDPI accusation, has been awarded a trishksha class every year. After worshiping Goddess Durga, there is an opportunity to have a trident.

Air guns are used only for shooting training. Use of them is permitted under the Arms Act. There is no restriction on that. Krishna Murthy, President, Kodagu District, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, asked whether the SDPI or PFI is so knowledgeable. We also got the program approved by the Ponnampete police. We have done no traitor work.

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“We haven’t trained,” said Abdul Madani. Commenting on this, Kodagu Superintendent of Police (Iyyappa) had camped from the Bajrang Dal and the Sangh Parivar. But no training was given. He has done so this year as well. There is no problem with it being an air gun.

Notice to give notice

Who has not complained about this? Vedamoorthy, the deputy director of the Department of Public Instruction, said that schools should not be given such programs. It is not known how the Bajrang Dal trained the school without any consent or notice. I have been asked to review the issue and issue a notice and ask for a reason.

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However, as the subject of training is growing, a member of the Popular Front of India Kodagu District Committee, Ibrahim, has lodged a complaint with the Ponnampete Circle Expectations Office. Two MLAs of the district, Appachu Ranjan, KG Bopayya, MLC Sujakushalappa, VHP district president Krishnamurthy, state leader Raghu Sakaleshpura and Sai Shankara Vidyalaya Institute president Jarungapathy have lodged a complaint.

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