Kodagu temperature drops to 15 degree Celsius in Heavy Rain Lashes IG News

Kodagu temperature drops to 15 degree Celsius in Heavy Rain Lashes

Kodagu (May 19): The rain that has been pouring in for two days has intensified in the district on Wednesday. The GTGT has been pouring rain without giving up and making people hibernate. There are many disturbances created in the rainy district. It has been raining constantly since Tuesday night. Impact of Kudalur Industrial Estate in Kushalnagar Taluk: Road and Water for some shops, samil and some houses are running water. The effect of heavy water immersion has been attributed to the abundance of trees stored in the Sahel.

The bridge that went to Kochi

Along the road from Koppa near Kushalanagar to the Tibetan Dharamsala of Bylukoppa, the bridge is completely washed away by rain. This has resulted in disconnection for many villages including Koppa, Tibetan Dharamshala and Maradiyur. The people of these villages have been forced to move around in a wheelbarrow.

Barricade where the bridge was washed

The temporary bridge was built as a replacement for a permanent bridge linking the Kopa and Tibetan camps. However, the temporary bridge was completely washed away by heavy rain on Wednesday. Traffic is blocked so that people do not go to the barricades where the bridge is currently closed.

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“Mysore Department of Public Works officer Jayant visited the site and inspected it. After 20 days, the permanent bridge works will be completed and open to public use. But due to the rain pouring from the mornings, an alternative bridge is being disconnected.

Now it is difficult to carry out any work as it is pouring rain. Thus people have appealed for cooperation. There are many trees in the district including Sunthikoppa, Madikeri taluk windmill. On the main road of Gonikoppa and Hathur, a huge tree fell down. The effect was a traffic jam for some time.

People are chilling

The Department of Public Works and KEB’s staff quickly acted and cleared the trees and cleared the roads for the people. With the recent rains in the district, heavy weather has been created and people are hiking. The temperature in the district has dropped to just 15 degrees. Thus the people of the district are chilling.

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The average rainfall in the district has reached 49.12 mm during the last 24 hours, ending at 8.30 am on Wednesday. It is raining. 8.65mm on the same day last year. It was raining. The January to date rainfall is 318.65mm. 413.89 mm of rainfall in the same period last year.

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