Kohli to act in biopic: Ram Charan IG News

Kohli to act in biopic: Ram Charan

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Actor Ram Charan said that he will act in Team India’s Kohli biopic. This mega hero who attended a channel conference in Delhi responded like this. Natu Natu won Oscar. This is an Indian song. Winning an Oscar is a great thing. We participated there on behalf of the country,” said Charan.

The Natu song was shot for 17 days. We reached Ukraine 7 days early. Tarak and I practiced dancing for the difficult steps. We used to practice like that in the evening. The shoot was done in the morning. This is what made magic today. He said, “We have got a worthy reward.” Ram Charan said that his favorite actor is Salman Khan and his wife Upasana’s favorite is Shahrukh Khan.

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