Kohli’s reaction to daughter’s picture leaked, but fans angry –

Kohli’s reaction to daughter’s picture leaked, but fans angry –

New Delhi: The first glimpse of Indian cricket team player Virat Kohli and his wife actress Anushka Sharma’s daughter Wamika has surfaced after which the couple has once again appealed to the media not to share their daughter’s photos. Bar Twitter users are calling their appeal a drama.

Kohli scored fifty in the match against South Africa two days ago after which he pointed to his wife and daughter and at that moment hundreds of cameras covered the face of Kohli’s daughter.

The couple had been hiding their daughter’s face from cameras and the public for the past one year and Kohli had repeatedly appealed to photographers not to take pictures of their daughter.

Now that the picture of the girl has come to light, the couple has reiterated their position by issuing a statement once again.

The couple said that the photo was taken in their ignorance and they did not know that the camera is on the girl at the moment, they once again appealed not to share the pictures of the girl.

However, this time Twitter users are not ready to forgive him, Twitter users called his appeal hypocrisy and drama.

A Twitter user wrote that the couple had made this move on purpose, if they were so worried about their daughter’s picture being leaked, they would not bring her to the stadium where there were hundreds of cameras.

Another user wrote that how can it be said that you were unaware of the camera? Obviously, when Kohli scored 50, all the cameras were on him. At that time, he was celebrating his fifties and pointing at his wife and daughter. He had a point.

Some users are still supporting the couple and insisting on respecting their privacy.



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