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#Madhya Pradesh: Recently eight cheetahs arrived from Namibia in Kuno National Park in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. Which PM Modi has left in his hands. Five females and three males were brought in these cheetahs. With this, preparations are underway to increase the family of cheetahs in India. Cheetahs are also released for food for these cheetahs. But one such victim is in talks with Kuno who survives every time. Now the question is whether the cheetah can be a victim or not?

According to reports, there is a lucky goat in Kuno which is used as fodder but no one has been able to hunt it till now. It is known that this goat has been tied up for hunting about 20 times but has survived each time. Before these leopards in Kuno, six leopards were brought.

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But even these leopards did not accept the goat as food. This goat can still be seen grazing happily in the forest. Kuno National Park staff call it the lucky goat because it survives every time it is made a scapegoat. According to forest department officials, the 12 square kilometer area has been completely cleared of leopards. So it seems that because of this this goat can now become food for leopards.

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The presence of leopards has raised the concern of forest department officials. Until 2 months ago, it seemed that Project Cheetah might be in trouble because of this leopard. Cheetahs were supposed to arrive on August 15, but their arrival was postponed. As a result, the forest department is trying to catch the leopards.

Meanwhile, according to forest department officials, there were 6 leopards in Kuno Park. And they are caught one by one. At various places, goats and other animals are kept in cages as fodder. And later they are released in other forests.

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