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Lahore High Court refuses to accept DG LDA’s pardon

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Lahore High Court refuses to accept DG LDA’s pardon

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has refused to accept the pardon of DG LDA Ahmed Aziz Tarar.

The Lahore High Court heard a contempt of court petition against DG LDA Ahmed Aziz Tarar. Mrs. Justice Ayesha A. Malik acted on the request of Khalid Mahmood Butt, owner of Target Trade Center.

DG Ahmed Aziz Tarar appeared on the order of the court. The court expressed anger and said that you do not come to the court and do not present the record. The DG apologized to the court.

The court asked you to show the original record. This record is not original, show the original acquisition file under which the project was started.

The DG said that I should be given time to look at the record. The court expressed anger and said that this is how you file. Then I say this is not the original file. What’s wrong with you not having a record?

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The DG then asked for respite, on which the Lahore High Court said that you people are wasting court time. You haven’t presented the original record for two years, I don’t need an explanation, I need the original record. You are not fulfilling your responsibility.

The court refused to accept the DG’s pardon. The court said that first, the original record of land acquisition of the corridor project should be presented. I will decide to apologize at the next hearing. The hearing on the petition was adjourned till next week.

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The petitioner contends that the court had rejected the DG’s request to withdraw the contempt of court notice. Angered at not submitting the original file, he termed the submitted record file as bogus.

According to the petition, the Supreme Court expressed frustration over the Signal Free Corridor project on Jail Road, on which the LDA started retaliating against the Target Trade Center. The court order is not being complied with.

The petition requested the court to institute contempt proceedings against the DG.

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