Law and order. Anant Chaturdashi, preparations for Baravafat | Duty magistrate appointed in the district, data collected IG News

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Bhaskar correspondent Chittorgarh police administration is on alert regarding barrage of fire on 28th September on Anant Chaturdashi. District Magistrate Piyush Samaria appointed duty magistrate. SP Rajan Dushyant is also imposing special measures in sensitive areas.

The RF Platoon that came from Jaipur on Sunday gave a riot control demo to the soldiers at the Police Line Ground. SP said that as per the orders of the Union Home Ministry, under the guidance of Rapid Action Force Commandant Praveen Kumar Singh posted in Jaipur and under the leadership of Dharmendra Singh Meena, the platoon of C/83 battalion will be on rotation of police stations in the district till September 27, on familiarization exercise. Is. Meena said that in the introduction exercise, a list of population of the area, sensitive places, security of specific persons and list of insurgents is being prepared so that in future any communal tension or riot or natural disaster can be dealt with more effectively.

The platoon also collects data by in-depth study of natural disasters, social environment, causes of unrest in various areas. Here, District Magistrate Piyush Samaria, on September 28, inspected the suburban areas including Gambhiri river from Gandhi Chowk in Anant Chaturdashi and Madejnar city of Barawafat. Various administrative and district level officers have been deployed as duty magistrates. ADM Nodal Officer, Camp at the Control Room District Magistrate ordered Additional District Magistrate (Administration) Abhishek Goyal to monitor all types of processions and coordinate with the officers while being posted at the police control room at Golpyau intersection from the morning of 28th September. .