Lawyers to give final arguments in ‘Vagatha Christie’ defamation fight IG News

Lawyers to give final arguments in ‘Vagatha Christie’ defamation fight

Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney’s High Court defamation battle will soon come to a close as lawyers for each woman file their own cases.

Mrs Rooney, 36, was dubbed “Vagatha Christie” when she publicly claimed an account was behind three fake stories posted on her personal Instagram account and which appeared in The Sun newspaper, that 40-year-old Mrs. Vardy’s. Mrs Rooney, the wife of former England football captain Wayne Rooney, accused Mrs Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her personal life to the press.

Mrs Vardy, who is married to Leicester striker Jamie Vardy, has denied the allegations and is suing her fellow footballer’s wife for defamation, while Mrs Rooney is defending the claim on the grounds that her post “substantially was correct. Over six days in courtroom number 13 at the Royal Court of Justice, the pair each have evidence, as has Mr Rooney, 36, who played for Everton and Manchester United and now manages Derby County.

Mrs Vardy’s barrister, Hugh Tomlinson QC, previously told the court that he had “no choice” but to take legal action against Mrs Rooney, to clear her name and “establish her innocence and her reputation”. to prove it”.

David Sherborne, representing Mrs. Rooney, told the judge hearing the trial, Mrs. Justice Stan, that the case is essentially a “spy story” and “like any good detective story, you can see the body with the smoking gun.” But never find the person standing”. He said that was “conjecture”, adding: “You do not need to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt, you simply have to conclude that it is more likely that Mrs. Vardy was responsible, either directly or Ms. (Caroline – via Mrs. Vardy) friend and agent) Watts.”

His lawyers will summarize the matter in the concluding remarks today, after which the judges will reserve their decision on the matter for a later date. Mrs. Rooney is defending the claim on grounds of truth and public interest.

Three fake Instagram posts at center of ‘Vagatha Christie’ libel lawsuit

Three “false” stories Colleen Rooney claims she uploaded to her personal Instagram account during a month-long “sting operation” are at the center of her libel feud with Rebekah Vardy. In her now-famous October 2019 social media “reveal” post, Mrs Rooney claimed that her fellow footballer’s wife’s account was the only person viewing the post and alleged that information from her was leaked to The Sun newspaper – something Mrs. Verdi denies being responsible.

Here the PA news agency takes a look at what the court heard about the social media post:

gender selection post

Mrs Rooney claims to have posted this “sting operation” about a so-called sex-selection treatment on April 8, 2019. The post had a picture of an airplane in the back seat, which read, “Let’s go and see what it is. Gender selection is all about it”.

She alleged that the invented post was only marked as “seen” on Instagram by Mrs Vardy’s account, with her lawyers providing a screengrab to the High Court. In August of that year, the Sun published an article claiming that Mrs. Rooney had traveled to Mexico for treatment.

The byline story by journalist Andy Holles is titled “COL’S BABY GIRL BID Colleen Rooney travels to Mexico to see £8k ‘sex selection’ treatment in desperate bid to have a baby girl”. The article, referring to “a source” and “friends”, alleged that Mrs Rooney is “so desperate to have a girl for her fifth child” that she wants to hear more about a procedure “in which Dr. embryos are examined in a laboratory before implantation. Only those of the desired sex are returned to the womb”.

TV Judgment Post

A personal concoction was posted on September 25, 2019 about planning to return to TV, claims Mrs. Rooney. She says it contains a “selfie” and the text “Up and out!! Easy my way back to work!! TV decisions today… Maybe it’s time for Australia” and claims that it is only for Mrs. Vardy. account was viewed.

Three days later, a Sun article was published under the byline of Michael Hamilton titled “RO-MBA Coleen Rooney in talks to join Strictly next year” as she seeks to revive TV career when Wayne returns to the UK. Is. It cited an unnamed source and claimed that Mrs Rooney was “locked in talks with producers”, “in front of a fashion show” and “Strictly Come Dancing TV shows” were well planned. Was.

The court is told that Mr Hamilton has denied that Mrs Vardy or her agent Carolyn Watts was the source of the article. Mrs Rooney’s lawyers have acknowledged that the post and article “do not match perfectly” but argue that the timing was “very close” and raised doubts about Mrs Rooney’s information being leaked and therefore her Supports defense that the sting operation was in the public interest.

flooded basement post

Mrs Rooney says she shared false information about her basement flooding in another “sting operation” post on October 2, 2019. She again alleged in the High Court that the post was only seen by Mrs. Vardy’s Instagram account. Her lawyers shared a screengrab of the post which read: “Needed after today… flooding the basement of our new home… when it was all going great”.

On 8 October, The Sun published a story with a byline by Simon Boyle, titled: “In Roo-ins Wayne and Colleen Rooney’s £20 million ‘Morrison Mansion’ is flooded during Storm Lorenzo”. The article, citing “sources close to the couple”, claims to reveal that bad weather had “wreaked havoc” on the Cheshire property, with Mrs Rooney being “called to water the basement”. .

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