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Some lawyers and legal professionals of the country have written a letter to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami, saying that the state government’s stand is soft against those promoting hatred and violence in the state and its attitude towards minorities is biased.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. (Photo: PTI)

New Delhi: Pointing to several incidents of ‘hate mob violence’ in Uttarakhand during the last five years of BJP rule, senior lawyers and legal professionals have alleged in an open letter to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami that ‘ The state government does not seem to apply the law equally in such incidents.

Instead, a pattern appears to be supported by those close to the ruling party’s ideology, he said.

The 42 signatories who signed the letter cautioned that “the effect of such acts providing protection to the accused will further encourage hatred and violence” whose lasting effects will be visible on the lives and rights of citizens and the future of the state.

Senior advocates Anjana Prakash, Sanjay Parikh, Prashant Bhushan, ND Pancholi, Raju Ramachandran, Kamini Jaiswal, Gopal Shankar Narayan and Chandra Uday Singh are also among those who signed the letter.

He also said that at a time when the government is making several public statements regarding bringing in a Uniform Civil Code, “it becomes important that the government uniformly implements the Criminal Code as per the Constitution”.

“Otherwise other such exercises appear to be aimed at provoking a group of citizens, and do not ensure respect for equal rights,” he said.

19 articles published in various newspapers and news portals, including the wire Citing 4 articles of the Constitution, the letter pointed to important instances where there was a clear lack of uniform enforcement of the law in Uttarakhand.

‘Despite violating bail conditions, no effort has been made to get Narasimhanand’s bail canceled’

In this regard, the first issue raised in the letter is ‘how an event took place in Haridwar in December 2021 with an open call for genocide of Muslims’ which was condemned by the retired Chiefs of Army and Navy, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala and It was carried out by former Director Generals of Police of other states, 76 lawyers and several other eminent persons and called it a threat to the lives of citizens and national security.

The letter said that despite such voices being raised against the programme, only two organizers were apprehended after a delay of three weeks. Both have got bail.

The letter states that one of the accused, Yeti Narasimhanand, who was granted bail on February 7, 2022, has been stipulated in the condition of bail that he will not participate in any program harmful to social harmony.

But lawyers have drawn attention to the fact that Narasimhanand has given such hate speeches ‘on April 3 in Delhi’ and also in ‘social media’. In this regard, two FIRs have also been registered against him on 3 April and 9 June.

The letter said that ‘despite such breach of bail conditions, it appears that so far no effort has been made to seek cancellation of his bail’.

Yeti Narasimhananda. (Photo: PTI)

‘Several incidents of violence against minorities since 2017’

The letter also mentions a “series of events that have happened across the state since 2017”, leading civil society groups to write to the state government in January this year, saying that “violence of this scale has never happened in Uttarakhand”. ‘

The letter said that ’13 such incidents took place in 2017 and 2018.’ And the most recent incident is from Roorkee on 3 October 2021 where a church was vandalized in broad daylight and four people were badly beaten up and injured. An incident happened in October 2017 with the CPM office in Dehradun.

It has been said in the letter that despite having many witnesses, no arrest was made in these two cases.

‘Government did not take any steps to stop calls to incite people’

In the letter addressed to Chief Minister Dhami, it has been written that after the violent incidents in Haridwar on April 16, the government did not take any step to stop the provocative and provoking call of ‘Hindu Mahapanchayat’ in the same village, until the Supreme Court The bench of the court did not direct the Chief Secretary in this regard on 26 April.

The letter said that the top court had to ask the state government to fulfill its responsibility under the Constitution. It said that “the Mahapanchayat was banned overnight after the court’s order, even though the government was aware of the developments in advance, but still did not take any decision until the court intervened”. did not do.’

The letter further states that among those who spoke at the event were Mr. Anand Swarup and others, who were claiming to be part of the core committee of the December event, which shows repeated attempts to incite violence in the state. And there is a direct link between the repeated failure of the administration to act against such elements.

Chief Minister Dhami accused of making a biased statement

The letter also accused Dhami and other elected members of making comments regarding “demographic changes” in the state since last year.

In the letter, the lawyers said that an order was issued by the Uttarakhand government on 24 September 2021, stating that ‘members of a particular community are forced to migrate from those areas due to this demographic change.’

It has been said in the letter that although till date no such place has been told from where such migration has taken place. Recently, statements were also made promising strict action against illegal encroachments by the shrines (and other religious institutions of the minority community).

The letter said that “religious establishments of all communities have been accused of grabbing government land in India” and that “such biased statements without evidence create a sense of fear and insecurity, leading some to fear only their fellow citizens”. .’

Finally, the lawyers raised the issue of demolition of the house and warehouse of Salman, accused in a murder case, in Rudrapur.

“It is pertinent to mention that as per the available information, no such action has been taken against the accused from any other community and no reference has been made to follow any due process of law in this case,” he said. ‘

Dhami urged the government to implement the law without discrimination

In view of all these instances, the letter urged the Dhami-led BJP government of Uttarakhand to “ensure that the law is enforced without any discrimination” and to “ensure that the law is enforced without any discrimination” and to promote hate and mob violence in the state. Try, take action against them.

The letter also demanded that the government “fully implement” the Supreme Court’s July 2018 directions regarding mob lynching in the state and “against all organizers of December events as well as other such organizations or individuals”. Take immediate action under all applicable sections of the law which involve giving an open call to violence.

The Dhami government has been asked to “publicly say that your government will ensure the safety of life and property of all the people residing in the state” and that “anyone who violates the conditions of bail by inciting violence and abetting violence” Will demand immediate cancellation of the bail granted to the person.

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