Leaving her husband, this woman trapped her own son in the trap of love, now she is pregnant IG News

The relationship between mother and son is considered the most sacred in the world. A mother spends her time, energy on looking after children. There is only love in this relationship. But these days it is happening that one cannot tell when what will happen in which relationship. Today we are going to show you a mother-son story, which even you will not believe. If you look at it this way, this mother-son relationship is a step-relationship, but the woman has nurtured him since he was only 7 years old. When he became young, she fell madly in love with him.

Yes, the story of Marina Malamasheva and her step-son Vladimir Shavriri, which tarnishes the relationship between mother and son. Marina has been taking care of Vladimir since he was 7 years old. But now Marina has become Vladimir’s wife and recently she got pregnant. The relationship is rejected by Vladimir’s father and Marina’s first husband, calling them partners in sin.

Allegation of entrapment of stepson

Marina’s first husband says that his son has been caught in his trap. Marina came into the limelight when she lost her weight. 38-year-old Marina became popular after that. But after that she started talking about her stepson. Now 23-year-old Vladimir was raised by Marina from the age of 7. Marina was married to 47-year-old Alexei Shavyrin, Vladimir’s father. But as Vladimir grew up, Marina left her first husband.

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Gave birth to another child

Recently, Marina shared the story of welcoming her second child on social media. Previously, Vladimir and Marina have a one-year-old daughter. Now Marina has got a son. Marina and Vladimir’s father adopted five children together. But now Marina has broken ties with him. He said, all children are good, but there is no relationship with them. She is very happy with Vladimir.

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