Leftist gang came out in support of Zubair, the factory of fake news IG News

The demand for his arrest has intensified after the FIR was registered against Zubair Ahmed, the alleged fact checker who runs the fake news factory. Where the common people are demanding the arrest of Zubair, who has exposed the identity of a victim child by sharing a video and editing the video and poisoning the society, then the entire leftist gang has openly come to his rescue. There are names like Prakash Raj, RJ Saima, Seema Chishti in this list.

First read Saima’s tweet, who retweeted Kaushik Raj’s tweet and blamed the UP Police. Saima wrote, “What time has it come, Trupti Tyagi is getting a lot of support even after committing a crime with a minor, so the police is ‘attacking’ the person who brought this news to the fore. Saima has also taken forward the hashtag of ‘I stand with Zubair’.

At the same time, Seema Chishti, editor of the leftist media organization The Wire, started feeling poor because Zubair had poured water on the fire. His edited video after traveling all over the world. Now Seema Chishti is raising questions on the UP Police itself, read the tweet…

However, as soon as Prakash Raj tweeted, people started lashing out. Prakash Raj wrote on his Twitter handle that he is promoting this hashtag to support Zubair. He also appealed to the people to tweet with the hashtag I Stand With Zubair.

Prakash Raj has been exposed badly in many cases, which the general public of X (formerly Twitter) also takes him in the same way. After Prakash Raj’s tweet, X (formerly Twitter) users reminded Prakash Raj of his real status. See some tweets…

A user named Dinesh Bhatt made a scathing comment on Prakash Raj. Responding to Prakash Raj, he wrote, “A fool who is crawling like a low-level animal with his crafty antics till today, whose mind and brain are full of cheapness, he stood by supporting such a bear-like scoundrel. Talking about being, first you take the support of my standing hard animal and keep your back and sit, along with the itching of your back, your mental itching will also go away.

Anoop Rawat writes, “Don’t you write Abdul at the father’s place while filling the form?”

John Kabir is speaking through a picture that whatever you do, what do we mean.

The video has been shared separately from a parody account created by the name of Yogi Adityanath. The caption compared the condition of the person seen in the video to that of Prakash Raj and Zubair.

Mohammad Zubair had spread propaganda through video

An FIR has been registered against AltNews co-founder Mohammad Zubair at the Mansoorpur police station in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. This matter is related to the viral video of ‘Neha Public School’ located in Khubbapur village. In the video, teacher Tripta Tyagi is seen sitting. Also, a Muslim child is beaten up by other children. The video was made by the cousin of that Muslim child. He is heard laughing in the video. He had come to Shiksha with his brother’s complaint.

While Mohammad Zubair had made the video viral in this matter, but did not blur the faces of the children. It has been told in this FIR that the identity of the child has been revealed by AltNews journalist Mohammad Zubair in violation of the ‘Juvenile Justice Act’. For this, a demand has been made to take appropriate legal action against him. This FIR has been registered on Monday (August 28, 2023). Mohammad Zubair later deleted this video, but did not even apologise.


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