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Health Department Ferozepur organized an awareness meeting for blood donation and leprosy

Ferozepur 31 January 2023, (Sukhwinder Singh Sukh), (Azad Soch News):- According to the instructions of Punjab Government, Civil Surgeon Dr. Ferozepur Health Department. Under the leadership of Rajinderpal, various types of health activities are continuing, in this connection, an awareness meeting regarding blood donation and leprosy was organized by the health department at Government Industrial Training Institute (Women) Ferozepur.

On this occasion Dr. Naveen Sethi said that the patient does not feel any hot or cold thing and no injury on the part affected by leprosy. Due to which the body becomes ugly or ugly and the muscles also stop working due to nerve damage. He said that the treatment of leprosy is done free of charge by the health department in the health hospital.

In addition, Dr. Dishwin Bajwa said that blood donation is called mahadan. So, if blood is available on time, many precious lives can be saved. He said that every second someone, anywhere may need blood. The most blood is needed during pregnancy and childbirth.

He said that children who suffer from blood loss due to malaria and malnutrition, accidents in which a person bleeds profusely and even during operations, the patient needs blood. He said that if blood is available at that time in the blood bank or the hospital, it helps in timely treatment of the person.

So hospitals and blood banks all over the world already ensure availability of blood of every group so that every needy can be helped in this difficult time. On this occasion, the District B.C.C. Coordinator Rajnik Kaur, in-charge of the organization Praveen Kanta, Seema Rani, Amandeep Kaur and Rekha Rani were present.

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