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Lethbridge e-skiro pilot project coming to an end for the season – Lethbridge IG News


As winter rolls into southern Alberta with its cold and snowy weather, the second year of the e-scooter pilot project is parked — at least for now.

The project was unveiled in April 2022 and was well received by Lethbridge residents in early 2024.

“Riders continue to use e-scooters in Lethbridge to commute to work and school to local attractions, to find recreational activities and to enjoy the city’s many amenities,” explained Isaac Ransom, head of corporate affairs at Neuron Mobility Canada.

The pilot project is not only a business opportunity for Neuron and its e-bikes and scooters, it is also a step forward for Lethbridge to go green.

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With the addition of bike lanes throughout the city and its core, scooters have been a welcome addition to Environment Lethbridge.

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“It’s nice to have a different transportation option available to people who want to use it,” explained Kathleen Sheppard, CEO of Environment Lethbridge.

The scooters have been well used in the last two years.

“It’s been a really successful program to date, with drivers driving almost 750,000 kilometers since the program began,” Ransom said.

As things evolve, Environment Lethbridge is looking forward to the future.

“Assuming the company that owns and leases them is willing to come back to Lethbridge, I think we’d like to see that continue for years to come,” says Sheppard.

Meanwhile, Neuron is patiently waiting for further information.

“We expect the city to provide information on what the program will look like in the coming months,” Ransom said, “and we look forward to hearing back from the city as we have more information and very much hope to be back in the near future.” .”

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