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Let’s do good deeds and win people’s hearts

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Minister KTR made it clear that he has never distributed money or alcohol in elections so far. Minister KTR formally started the program of distribution of tabs loaded with Byjus software to more than 6 thousand students in Government Junior College of Rajanna Sirisilla district. Speaking on this occasion, KTR said that he is working hard for the development of Sirisilla and Vemulawada. Some people imagine that when the power comes, it is permanent.. But the opportunity should be used to do good work. On his birthday, KTR reminded that he had started the Gift A Smile program to help four people without incurring unnecessary expenses and shouting.

Minister KTR has made it clear that the tab distribution program has been undertaken so that online lessons can reach our poor children as well. KTR said that Byjus company is providing free software worth around 60 to 70 thousand rupees per tab. The minister said that everyone has the ability to create new innovations with a little thought…- Those who want to compete against him in Sirisilla also advised not to do good things in this way. Minister KTR called upon the leaders to do good work and win the hearts of the people.

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