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Liberals defend support for Ukraine, Poilievre defends trade stance IG News


Federal Liberal government ministers say Canada must continue to support Ukraine, as Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of being a “big talker … a little doer” when it comes to helping the country’s war effort.

The renewed talk of Canada’s support for Ukraine comes as MPs vote to approve an updated free trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine, and as a new survey by Angus Reid shows Canadians’ attention spans are falling, as is support among Conservative voters.

“I think the most important thing here is to explain to Canadians and the world what the reality of the situation in Ukraine is. Yes, there is a war going on in Ukraine. But it is also a war for us,” Freeland said. he said in French as he spoke to reporters in Ottawa on Tuesday.

“We have to understand what Vladimir Putin’s goal is. Putin wants to change the world … he wants to rewrite the rules that we’ve established in the world,” Freeland said. “He wants a world where the most powerful countries with the biggest armies are the ones able to control everyone else. That would not be a good world for Canadians.”

Treasury Board President Anita Anand and Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly also told reporters that Tuesday’s vote to move the trade deal overhaul legislation to the Senate will send a message to allies that Canada’s support remains unwavering “as long as it lasts.”

“We know that the conservatives will disappoint the Ukrainians. Poilievre has talked and cried a lot about the importance of freedom, but in truth we know that he is talking about freedom for some and not for all,” Joly said.

Liberals have been highly critical of Poilievre’s rejection of the trade bill, with his reasoning concerned with promoting carbon pricing and its text, even though Ukraine already has a carbon price.

Trudeau and his MPs have repeatedly pointed out in public and through directly targeted ads in circles with the sizeable Ukrainian diaspora that the Conservatives have turned their backs on the war-torn country.

On Monday, the Conservatives sought to pass an amendment to the trade pact’s implementation legislation, known as Bill C-57, to send the bill back to the committee study stage to remove “all references to carbon pricing and carbon leakage.” That effort failed, as all other parties voted to reject the amendment and keep the legislation as drafted.

The latest data from Angus Reid shows that “on average” Canadians see the Conservatives’ vote against renewing the trade agreement as a “net negative” for the country’s international reputation and for confidence in a possible future Conservative government that will stand up for allied countries in the future.

On Tuesday, Immigration Minister Marc Miller prepared for the Conservatives to vote against the legislation again, saying it was a “matter of principle”.

“We know where the conservatives are. I think you’ve heard them in the House of Commons and you’ve heard their silly excuses about not supporting our brothers and sisters in Ukraine in their fight against the Russian aggressor,” Miller said. . “Our government’s support will not wane.”

At a press conference in Montreal on Tuesday, when asked about his position in Ukraine, Poilievre focused on attacking Trudeau, noting the recent resurgence of anger over the disgraceful invitation extended to the Nazi veteran during a visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr last year Zelensky in Canada.

“Justin Trudeau is a big talker and a bit of a doer when it comes to Ukraine,” Poilievre said.

“He announced hundreds of millions of dollars in various equipment that he never actually delivered,” he said.

Poilievre promised the federal Conservative government would do more for Ukraine, including giving Ukrainians missiles that Canada plans to remove and changing environmental laws to encourage natural gas exports to Europe to “break Europe’s dependence.” from the Russia of the “evil dictator” Vladimir Putin. energy supply.

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