Little sister – do you know what happened when she went to do her magic? The video is very cute! IG News

The first friends in everyone’s life are their siblings. It’s not just growing up playing with your siblings, arguing and cuddling, it’s a great experience for everyone. Right from our childhood, first we remember our parents, then our brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters, right? For that, childhood is an unforgettable ruby-like time in everyone’s life. All those moments were not a waste like now. All are full of memorable moments. Those moments make us the wonderful people we are. It is not possible to develop an ero bond with these siblings.

No matter how much life changes constantly, this relationship is the only thing that never changes. The bond we share with our siblings is special. It can be said to be a great book of love, trust and many experiences. Why are you talking about siblings today? Did you check again on Google that today is Siblings Day? Nothing like that.

However, there is something special about this topic. To know about that special you must read this article completely. We also know that read and come. So why delay let’s go ahead.

A special video of the siblings has gone viral on Twitter

In a video shared by Harsh Mariwala on Twitter, “We can see a little girl doing magic with the help of her brother.

As the video clip continues, the girl holds a towel in front of her brother and makes him perform magic.

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She moves the towel with the feeling that she is now invisible. But even though he is sitting hidden next to her, his backside looks like that.

Then the little girl happily exclaims that she has magically made him disappear by giving her a kick. Everyone likes this small video to remember how we all used to play games when we were kids.

Harsh Mariwala shared this cute video clip on Twitter. Through it, they have opened the memories of their childhood in the minds of netizens.

This video clip has been watched by 2.9 million people. Along with that the video got a ton of comments. People are fans of this cute pair of siblings. How does this video capture the sweetness of the relationship between siblings? Everyone is praising it as amazing.

There is a flood of comments for this cute sister-him pair

Lots of comments are pouring in for this cute video on social media. Wow, the video is so cute.

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One user praised the video and wrote a comment saying, “Wow, that’s too cute.. Thank you so much for sharing this video, bringing a smile to our faces.”

“Cute magician,” another user wrote. Another fan has written a comment saying “The last part was great” in the last part of the video, the scene where the girl kicks herself is very good.