Live Suicide: The girl and her family were blackmailing her; Fed up, young man commits suicide by going live on Facebook – Man Commits Suicide Due To Blackmailing Streams It Live On Facebook IG News

Man commits suicide due to blackmailing streams it live on Facebook

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A case of a man committing suicide after being fed up with ‘blackmailing’ has come to light in Nagpur. The young man said that a girl and her family were blackmailing him on the allegation of rape. Not only this, they were also demanding Rs 5 lakh from him. Troubled by this, the young man ended his life by jumping into the Kanhan river after making a live video on Facebook. A police officer has also given information about this incident.

He said that the deceased person has been identified as Manish alias Raj Yadav, a resident of Kalamna area of ​​the city. Police also say that he was in a relationship with a 19-year-old girl from his area. The girl had gone missing from her home on September 6. After which his family members accused the deceased youth and said that Manish was responsible for this.

The police officer said that upset by this, Manish streamed a live video on Facebook from the river bank on Sunday. In this, Manish accused the girl’s family and said that the girl’s family had demanded Rs 5 lakh from him. He also threatened to implicate him in a fabricated rape case if the money was not paid. In the live video streaming, he also told that before targeting him, the girl’s family had similarly blackmailed someone else in Uttar Pradesh. Fed up with these allegations, he is ending his life.