Living wages for urban projects up for debate IG News

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A living wage would become a contractual requirement for employees working on the city’s projects in a motion for debate by Regina’s city council.

This would make it mandatory for successful bidders to pay their employees at least $16.95 per hour and would also be considered a condition of the contract.

The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) opposes this idea.

“There are probably some construction workers working in certain conditions that are earning above minimum wage but less than living wage, but I think those scenarios are few and far between,” said SCA CEO Mark Cooper. “The average construction wage is over $33 an hour and that’s for everyone across the spectrum.”

The matter will come up before the city council this week (August 17) and the proposal could go beyond construction workers, including other contractors such as sweepers and security workers.

Labor unions think the proposal is a good idea.

The president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labor, Lori Johab, said, “We need to know that people in our city are working hard, getting fair wages so they can live in our cities as well and have their families. “

The city administration is expected to recommend against requiring a living wage, but was not available for an interview with CTV News.

The final decision will be in the hands of the city council.


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