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See sir, what the Godi media was afraid to bring out, the English mouthpiece of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ‘The Organiser’ has said! That Narendra Modi’s charisma and Hindutva are not enough for the Bharatiya Janata Party to win elections. Significantly, ‘The Organiser’ has said this at a time when senior journalist Veer Sanghvi has written that the BJP, lost in the pursuit of power, has become such an arrogant party, for which Modi used to curse the Congress by calling it the mistress of the Delhi Sultanate. Were. That’s why the mandate given to BJP in 2014 is inching towards expiry and its old strategies have stopped working amidst the prevailing discontent among various communities.

Not only this, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy also feels that it is not only Modi’s megalomania that his ‘Tantric worship’ has also started backfiring, the effect of which is not so much that after Himachal Pradesh, even the voters of Karnataka have not voted for him. Listen, in fact, it is even being said that the famous son of the tea seller of 2014 is lost somewhere and the ‘superhero’ who at that time used to claim to have the solution to all the problems of the country, today he himself has become the biggest problem of the country. Is.

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It is clear that now the customs and policies of Modi and BJP have become their enemy. Still, many media personalities are not able to solve their question that what will be the arrows in the opposition’s quiver against them in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and how effective will they be? Regrettably, these gentlemen do not want to remember what were the arrows in BJP’s quiver against the Manmohan Singh government of Congress and its alliance in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, nor do they want to understand that due to anti-incumbency, they are now facing all of them. Arrows have come in the quiver of the opposition and not only the opponents of the BJP, but also the supporters who refrain from blind devotion, have started feeling that in the meanwhile the country’s politics has turned 360 degrees on its axis, due to which not only Narendra Modi’s victory in 2014 The mandate given to the BJP in leadership, but also the leadership of Modi, which in other words is called emotional tyranny, has also rolled down.

On the basis of this emotional tyranny, in 2014, Modi made possible the miracle of wooing many development-seeking communities with the BJP’s Hindutva vote bank. In 2019, he also showed a more powerful repetition of it. However, there are those who say that had the Pulwama incident not happened, the results would have been different and many Lok Sabha elections of the past are witness that if the anti-incumbency against the heroes and their governments goes beyond a limit, then the opposition does not have to find new arrows against them. . Nor are voters afraid to take risks, big or small, in exploring options for their ouster.

In 2014, the Congress had scared him no less than the machinations of the BJP and Modi, but since he had made up his mind to oust the Manmohan Singh government, he was not scared. Now, after being disappointed with Modi and BJP, why would the same voters get scared because of the fear shown by them that the opposition is not united or does not have any leader to compete with Modi and if he is elected, the country will be thrown into political instability? In Karnataka, they are not even afraid that if the Congress government comes to power in the state, it will not get Modi’s blessings and riots will start.

In 2014, he had chosen Modi, and moreover, even his mentor LK Advani sincerely did not want to let his path be levelled. That is, there was no unanimity about him in the country, even in the BJP and it was being understood that Advani would play the same role for Modi, which he used to play for Atal Advani, when the BJP lost its majority. But then why can’t the voters who have become tau of all such speculations become tau in the same way in 2024, while in Karnataka they have shown that they are not dependent on any kind of opposition unity to punish any government for its actions and You can make it move by using your discretion properly even in triangular matches.

A new question arises at this juncture: In 2024, in search of new arrows for its quiver, will the opposition or the BJP face more problems? Like BJP won the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections on the basis of huge promises, how will it go before the voters in 2024 with the heavy burden of proving them false or turning into emotional tyranny, while the minimum government of the Modi government The claim of maximum governance has now moved from the era of violation of Rajdharma to the era of brutal scepter and international indices say that our freedom has become partial and democracy paralyzed. It is his misfortune that on the one hand he is avoiding all kinds of self-observation and on the other hand till now he has been shielding him from all kinds of anti-incumbency, his armor and coils of Hindutva, Modi’s greatness and nationalism have not remained invincible or charismatic. Not even so much that he can prove to be helpful in getting him to cross the electoral hurdle.

Undoubtedly, he hopes that when the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya opens for devotees next January, the throngs thronging to see and worship Ramlala enshrined in it will fill his pockets with votes out of gratitude. To ensure this, the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh is busy in giving it a new look by demolishing Treta Yug in Ayodhya after extensive sabotage. But most of the elections held in the country after the Supreme Court’s 2019 verdict that paved the way for the construction of this temple have seen no such gratitude as the opposition has been successful in convincing voters that the temple court’s decision being made from

If the testimony of Karnataka is to be believed, then neither the slogan of ‘Jo Ram ko laye hain, hum unko layenge’ is working for the BJP, nor is the Prime Minister’s call to vote by chanting Bajrangbali ki Jai. And even if the opposition does not have new arrows He is in a position to make the BJP a noose around his neck by reminding him of his old promises. Because of this and also because the Congress, the largest opposition party, has taken up the cause of social justice for the Dalits, the underprivileged, the backward and the minorities – yes, in proportion to their population – as opposed to its attempts to present Hindutva in a new shell of Sanatan. Of rights too.

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Its leader, on whom the Prime Minister once used to taunt by saying that some people grow old, but their intelligence does not grow and their people used to tease him by calling him Pappu, his new incarnation after overcoming all the internal conflicts in a long journey Now it has become so unbearable for them that they are not able to decide any limit of their decline to shut his mouth and remove him from the competition, while customers also started coming to the love shops opened by him in the market of hatred. Are.

The party which the Prime Minister used to describe as a party of mother-son and brother-sister, now has an elected non-Gandhi Dalit president due to the stubbornness of this leader, and in his home state, the Prime Minister is putting his reputation at stake in front of the voters for him and his party. They have been forced to accept defeat even after counting the abuses given to them by the party.

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It can be said that the opposition has laid siege to the BJP and its ‘superhero’ before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, but becoming a victim of overconfidence will go against itself. That’s why he has to choose the right time for his attacks and defenses and prevent victory from slipping out of his hands by making good use of all the opportunities. It has to be understood that Vijayashree never eulogises the heroes who are not able to perform head rites at the right time.