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Nagpur : An angry boyfriend argued with his married girlfriend when she was seen in an unwanted situation with another young man. So the girlfriend conspired with the second boyfriend and killed the first boyfriend by strangling his throat. The name of the dead youth is Azad Jamshed Sheikh (25, Vadchicholi, Pandhurna-Madhya Pradesh). In this case, Kalameshwar police arrested accused boyfriend Dilip Kashiram Patle (28, Lava, Wadi) and his girlfriend Sunita (30, fictitious name).

According to the police, Azad Shaikh was working as a laborer for cutting chicken with Sachin Makode of 14 miles area. Sachin had rented him a room. Next to him lived Sunita, a native of Riva, Madhya Pradesh, with her family. Sunita lives with her husband and four children. A husband and wife run a Chinese food truck. She has been in a relationship with Azad Sheikh who lives next door for the past two years. Her 55-year-old husband is an alcoholic and is always drunk. Taking advantage of that, Sunita and Azad were having an affair.

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Meanwhile, Sunita got acquainted with Dilip Patle, a young man. Sunita’s thread matched with him. Sunita started liking both her first boyfriend Azad and her second boyfriend Dilip. So she loved both of them. On September 21 at 10 pm, both Dileep and Sunita were locked in the room. Meanwhile, Azad also came there. He was enraged to see him in the arms of his beloved Dileep. He was abusing both of them. So Sunita and Dilip hatched a conspiracy to kill Azad. Sunita grabbed Azad’s hands while Dileep strangled him to death. His body was thrown on the road. Kalameshwar Thanedar Asif Sheikh suspected the murder. They detained the accused Sunita and Dilip within two hours. Both confessed to the murder.


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