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Chapter 9, verse 21

Te Tam Bhuktva Heaven is vast
Ksheena Punya mortal world Vishanti |
Evam Trayidharmamanuprapanna
Past tense kamakama labhante ||

Meaning: They do not return to the earth as soon as their merit declines after experiencing the vast pleasures of the heavenly world. In this way, those who seek sensual pleasures by following the rules of the Trivedas get only births and deaths again and again.

Commentary: Actually in the heavenly worlds many pleasures are available for sense gratification from most of the life span. But when the virtue is exhausted, it has to come back to this earth again. Therefore, a person who does not know that the goal of life is to reach Sri Krishna, continues to live a material life, happiness and sorrow, illusory up and down in the material world. There is no other way for him to get out. So what we need to know is to embrace Krishna consciousness and reach the spiritual world. Once there is no need to return.

….from ‘Bhagavad Gita Yathatatham’ by Paramapujyashri Shrimat AC Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada courtesy of ISKCON Hyderabad  ….


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