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Made her first film for Rs 10 and went on to become the highest paid actress, working not only with Dharmendra-Jeetendra but also with Rajesh Khanna. IG News


New Delhi. That talented Bollywood actress who participated in the first film of her career with a fee of just Rs.10. But with her acting talent, she achieved such fame that she became the highest paid actress in the industry. During his time, he participated in many blockbuster films. He has also worked in films with all the big stars of the industry. He has played all kinds of characters in his career.

It is often believed that if you want to make a career in acting, your path to entering the industry is easier if you are an expert at dancing in addition to acting. There are very few actresses in the industry who are more advanced in classical dance, the stronger their performance. Their beauty is also incredible. But all these qualities were present in only one heroine Jitendra. A fan favorite, this actress ruled the industry for years and later became an MP as well.

‘You will have to become a wife for the main role’, when the producer set such a condition for the actress, if she did not agree, she would be killed instantly…

Started at age 13
Due to her beauty and dancing skills, she was never short of work. He started his film career at the age of 13. Jaya Prada is a talented actress in the industry. Even at school, she was at the forefront of dance performances. After seeing her dance, directors started offering her films as well. Jayaprada made her first film at the age of just 13.

The first film was made for just 10 rupees
Jayaprada started her career with the film Bhoomi Kosham. However, it was not a Hindi film but a Telugu film and he received Rs 10 as fee for it. After seeing southern cinema, Jayaprada turned to Bollywood films. But after entering Hindi films, her luck turned around so much that she became a top actress in no time. She later became one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses. In his career, he has not only worked with Jeetendra, Dharmendra or Amitabh Bachchan but also with superstar Rajesh Khanna.

He gave up acting and tried his hand at politics
Bollywood actress Jaya Prada has acted in many films in her career. During his career, he participated in almost 300 films. It quickly became the first choice of manufacturers. Fans went crazy for his every style during that period. However, after achieving a big position in the industry, Jaya Prada said goodbye to the world of acting and joined politics. Even today, people love to watch Jay Prada’s films. There are many of his characters that have been etched in people’s memory.

In her acting career, Jaya Prada has worked in ‘Sargam’, ‘Maa’, ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’, ‘Toofan’, ‘Swarg Se Sundar’, ‘Sanjog’, ‘Muddat’, ‘Sindoor’, ‘Jabardasth’, ‘Jakhmi’. ‘, ‘Ganga Tere Desh Mein’, ‘Kaamchor’, ‘Awaaz’, ‘Patal Bhairavi’, ‘Sapno Ka Mandir’ etc. He played outstanding roles in many superhit films and ruled Hindi cinema for a long time.

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