Madhuravayal: The mother who refused to write down the house – the son who cut him to death in a fit of rage IG News

The police have arrested the son who hacked his mother to death in a property dispute in Maduravayal.

Saroja (80), a resident of 7th Street, Dharmaraja Temple, Maduravayal next Sek Grant, and her son Kabali (55), who lives in 4th Street in the same area. In this case, Kabali went to his mother’s house this morning and had an argument with her.

In this case, when the argument between the two was over, the enraged Kabali took the sickle from the house and cut the mother’s neck. In this, Saroja, who fainted, died on the spot.


After hearing the noise, the neighbors went to the house and froze in shock. Kabali then surrendered at the Maduravayal police station.

Following this, the Maduravayal police went to the spot and recovered Saroja’s body and sent it to Kilpakkam Government Hospital for post-mortem and interrogated Kapali.

During the investigation, while Saroja has one son and four daughters, her son Kabali, who was working in Dubai, is currently staying at home with his two wives instead of going to work.


Saroja has been living in a house after dividing his property equally among all. In this case, Kabali has been bothering Saroja by asking about her house. In this situation, Kabali Saroja, who returned home today, is involved in a dispute to register the house in her name.

It was revealed that Kabali took a sickle and killed the mother in an argument between the two. After that, the Maduravayal police who arrested Kabali are continuing to investigate. Due to a property dispute, the son hacked his mother to death.



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