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Bhopal: Inflation is at its peak, but even in this rising inflation, the monthly pension of the elderly is only six hundred rupees. On the question of how the elderly women can survive on this small amount of pension, the elderly women under the Gas-fired Narasht Pension Bhogi Morcha staged a protest with empty plates and dry bread in Bhopal. The elderly women demanded that the government increase the pension from Rs.600 per month to Rs.1000 per month and release it on time every month.

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Bal Krishan Namdev, President of Bhopal Gas Borne Disappointment Pension Bhogi Morcha, while talking to News18 Urdu, said that on one hand the government talks about development of everyone, but on the other hand, senior citizens are not getting pension for months. In this era of inflation, what happens to the pension of six hundred rupees per month if they do not get it on time, then where should these elderly women go? The elderly women who are protesting here with empty plates and dry bread, a large number of them are women who have lost everything in the gas tragedy. The government needs to pay attention to this.

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Talking to News18 Urdu, Raisa B said that we have dug everything in the gas that came out in 1984. Now there are not enough tears in these eyes to pay homage to my people. How to pass in six years, in front of whom do you spread your hands for two meals of bread in this old age.

The only request from the government is to increase it so much that our two daily bread is managed and it is released on time every month.

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