Madhya Pradesh Elections: How is the political mathematics where BJP has decided the candidates, how were the results in the last elections – Mp Candidate List: Analysis Of Results In The Last Three Elections Of 79 Assembly Seats IG News

MP Candidate List: Analysis of Results In The Last Three Elections of 79 Assembly Seats

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Bharatiya Janata Party on Tuesday announced the candidature of Monica Batti from Amarwada seat of Chhindwara district for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections. Earlier on Monday night itself, the party released the second list of 39 candidates. At the same time, on August 17, the party had released the first list of candidates. Like the first list, the second list also has many surprising names.

In this list, three Union Ministers and seven Lok Sabha MPs have also been fielded in the Assembly elections. Of the 39 seats for which candidates have been announced, only three currently have BJP MLAs. Let us know what is the political equation of 79 seats declared so far? What have been the results on these seats in the last three elections? How has been the political journey of the faces who have been fielded?