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A special exhibition was organized in the capital Bhopal on the special occasion of Independence Amrit Mahotsav, Ghar Ghar Tricolor and Independence Day celebrations. In this special exhibition organized by Benazir Ansar Education and Social Welfare Society, a photo exhibition of anonymous Mujahideen Azadi, who gave their blood in the Azadi Movement, was put on display, along with Muslim Mujahideen Azadi, a photo exhibition was made of Urdu journalists, who participated in the Azadi Movement. The British government was shaken by his writings.

The people of the exhibition, who were seen shaking their heads at their lack of knowledge, demanded that the public of the rare photo exhibition be held more so that the new generation could be more familiar with the sacrifices of the anonymous Muslim Mujahideen of the Azadi movement.
MW Ansari, former DGP of Chhattisgarh, who organized the exhibition, Benazir Ansar Education Society, in a special conversation with News Eighteen Urdu said that when I used to listen to the freedom movement and listen to people’s speeches, people were few. They did not talk except by name, similarly Muslim Mujahideen used to come up with only ten or fifteen names of freedom. From there, the idea came that on the occasion of the elixir of freedom, these anonymous freedom fighters should be found.

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There, hundreds of anonymous Muslim Mujahideen with the name of Azadi also appeared and today when people see them, they are surprised. This is a big task and needs to be further developed. The effort is to bring the anonymous Muslim Mujahideen freedom to the public. Qazi Iqbal, who came to see the exhibition there, says that seven decades have passed, but he has never seen so many pictures of freedom fighters. Benazir Ansar Education Society has done an unparalleled feat, for which I heartily congratulate them.

Sanjay Namdev, who came to see the exhibition, while talking to News Eighten Urdu, said that we had thought that there would be pictures of a few people in the name of the exhibition, but there is a collection here. They have tried to present the common heritage through this exhibition, which is the great need of today’s time. I would like the same and the people watching here also want this exhibition to be put up in schools and colleges so that this information can reach as many people as possible.

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