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Malegaon : There is no place for treachery and dishonesty in the soil of Maharashtra State, so the public will teach a lesson to those who treacherously joined the BJP and formed the government in the state, says Shiv Sena Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray Party (Shiv Sena Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray Party) MP Sanjay Raut (MP Sanjay Raut) said. Raut was speaking at the inauguration of the central office of the Shiv Sena Thackeray faction here. On this occasion, Sanjay Raut challenged the foster minister of Nashik district Dada Bhuse and said that the foster minister should come to Malegaon and show him. He said that whatever happens probably happens for good, that is why we have got people like diamonds.

On this occasion, Raut said that Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has given a lot to people of all levels, from Shiv Sainiks to branch heads, so those who have left the party will have to bear the brunt of their betrayal.

He said that the people of the state have seen everything, there is no need to tell anything to them. In the upcoming elections, the people of the state themselves will teach them a lesson. As if on the lines of Tit, the traitors will be punished for their actions. During this, Raut said that Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hire and his family had the ability to lead the state. He said that Shiv Sena’s deputy leader Advay Hire also has the same potential and tremendous energy, so it is better that he should work in the mainstream of state politics.

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Jayant Dinde, Ganesh Dhatrak, Nitin Aher were present on the stage during the programme. During this Pawan Thackeray, Nathu Jagtap, Ashok Nikam, Sanjay Nikam, Vishnu Pawar, Rama Mistry, Prakash Wagh, Dr. Ujjain Ingle, Subhash Suryavanshi, Sanjay Hire, Mahesh Pawar, Vinod Borse, Vithoba Charang, Praveen Pagar, Mahendra Devre, Jalandar Shelar, Jitendra Desale, Sanyog Nikam, Jeevan Hirey were also present on the occasion.