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City Government Mental Hospital

Upgrading Central Govt

The Center of Excellence works have reached the final stage

Development initiative with Rs.29.76 crores

Buildings and equipment to be made available

(Visakhapatnam, Andhra Jyoti)

The upgradation work of the Government Mental Hospital has reached its final stage. Less than four years ago, the central government chose to develop the mental hospital as a center of excellence. Of the ten hospitals in the country selected for this purpose, the mental hospital in the city is one. It has sanctioned Rs.29.7 crores to develop it under Center of Excellence.

As part of the measures being taken by the Center to provide better services to the patients in the mental hospital of the city, Rs.19.8 crores have been allocated for building construction and Rs.9.9 crores for the purchase of necessary equipment. The list of buildings that have been constructed as part of this includes the administration building, student hostel and three other buildings. Another Rs.2.5 crore related to building constructions is pending. If this amount is released, the works will be almost completed. Officials say that the construction work will be completed in two to three weeks. The central government is upgrading the mental hospital as part of the National Mental Health Programme.

New courses available

New courses will be available once the development work of the hospital is completed and it is fully upgraded as a center of excellence. Clinical psychologist, psychiatry social worker, psychiatry nursing courses are some of these. Clinical psychology and psychiatry social worker courses are conducted for two years and psychiatry nursing for one year. Admissions will be given to 15 people in clinical psychology and psychiatry social worker courses and 40 people in psychiatry nursing courses. After two years of training, the central government has planned to use their services in the rest of the hospitals and psychiatry centers by giving them certificates. By making these centers fully accessible, specialists will be made available to meet the needs of those suffering from mental problems in the coming period.

Creation of infrastructure

As part of the center of excellence, the remaining buildings will be used for administrative block, one block for three departments, hostels, staff quarters, rehabilitation center, child psychiatry ward and de-addiction wards. Advanced equipment will be made available with Rs 9.90 crore sanctioned by the Center for building construction and equipment. State-of-the-art equipment required for MRI, Cityscans, EEG, research and psychological assessment will be made available. After the center is fully established, the state government will have to take responsibility for its management. After the center is fully established, the state government will take over its management. Hospital Superintendent Dr. Ramananda Shetpathi said that if the buildings become fully available, there will be a chance to provide better medical services to the patients. He said that due to the central government’s release of funds without delay, the works were completed quickly. The buildings will be available as soon as possible.