Maihar is expected to be made a district! , CM’s visit canceled for the third time, Narayan Tripathi said – this neglect of Sharda Mai is not right IG News

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With Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s proposed tour being canceled once again, the hopes of making a final announcement on making Maihar a district got a jolt once again on Sunday. This news, which came in the midst of the preparations going on since morning, also increased the political heat. Maihar MLA Narayan also reacted sharply to this and said that neglect of Mata Sharda is not right.

In fact, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s program to visit Maihar on Sunday, August 27, suddenly started on Saturday night. The CM was to reach Maihar at 4 pm and return after attending a local event. Preparations for the CM’s visit to Maihar started from Sunday morning itself. The administration got involved in the arrangements. Though there was no official schedule of public meeting or press conference, media persons were also informed about reaching Maihar from Satna. In the midst of announcements of new districts going on in the state, due to the sudden decision of the CM to visit Maihar, speculations started that something big would happen on Sunday. Will gift the district to CM Maihar. This possibility also started a credit war among the leaders of Satna. Everyone started counting their efforts on social media. Letters written here and there started getting viral. But in the midst of all these situations, the message from Bhopal dashed everyone’s hopes. The suddenly proposed Maihar tour of the Chief Minister was canceled suddenly. This was the third time when CM’s program in Maihar was cancelled.

Narayan said – Do not neglect Mai Sharda’s Dham

Reacting to the cancellation of CM’s visit to Maihar this time also, Maihar MLA Narayan Tripathi said that this is happening for the third time. It is not right to neglect Mai Sharda’s Dham again and again. Maihar had already been approved by the government’s cabinet to make a district. Now it just has to be translated into action.

Urging the Chief Minister, MLA Narayan said that you should immediately do the work of making Maihar a district by converting the cabinet’s decision into action. You will also get credit for this. Even if you come alone. Come in my absence, but declare Maihar as a district. Narayan said whether I stay or not but Maihar district should be formed. Raising a new demand to make Chitrakoot a district, he said that UP has developed Chitrakoot by making it a district, but our Chitrakoot has become only a sub-tehsil. Chitrakoot should also be made a district.