Main Murder Conviction Overturned; Bail Set at $200K – NECN IG News

Main Murder Conviction Overturned; Bail Set at $200K – NECN

A Maine man whose murder sentence was overturned by the state’s highest court will have to pay $200,000 to leave prison while awaiting a new trial.

Bruce Akers has been held without bail since his 2016 arrest over the death of his neighbor Douglas Flint. He was initially found guilty and sentenced to 38 years in prison, but the court overturned the sentence last year.

Akers’ case was in court for hearing on Tuesday. The Portland Press Herald reported that her attorney, Christine Hanley, asked her to be released. The judge instead set bail at $200,000.

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled last year that police had violated Akers’ rights, and that the officers’ evidence and statements should have been suppressed.

Flint was reported missing before police searched Akers’ property. Investigators found Flint’s body under a pile of deer carcasses and rubble.


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